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The Crows on the Wire project is a key example of the Verbal Arts Centre’s purposeful storytelling ethos. The project will address the transitioning of the RUC to the PSNI as part of the Good Friday Agreement, explored from the point of view of the individual police officer. The production examines the sense of frustration, anger and disaffection felt amongst some members of the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) at that time, and the transformational impact on identity as a result.

 ‘Crows on the Wire’ aims to engage with individuals and groups from both main traditions affected by the themes of the play, creating opportunities to both listen to and recount experiences through a programme of community engagement.

 ‘Crows on the Wire’ will steer away from reinforcing sectarian positions and instead move towards an environment of empathy and understanding of others. Debate and discussion surrounding the position that the RUC held within Northern Irish society will be generated, and the pressures and responses which that position created for individual officers will be creatively explored.


   The Steering Group



 The individuals who compose the Steering Group bring an invaluable depth and range of advice and guidance to the 'Crows on the Wire' project. This role draws on the diverse backgrounds and expertise of the group, individually and collectively. The members provide much valued assistance to the project team through networking and the development of links between the themes of 'Crows on the Wire' and the wider community and interest groups.

The members of the Steering Group are, Laurence McKeown – Author and Playwright, Will Glendinning – Co-ordinator, ‘Diversity Challenges’, Samuel Atcheson – Director, ‘Northern Ireland Phoenix Project’, Michael Doherty – Director, ‘Peace and Reconciliation Group’, Tony Callaghan – Chief Inspector ‘PSNI Project Team’, Maureen Hetherington – Chairperson, ‘Towards Understanding and Healing’,  Roger McCalllum – Trustee,‘RUC George Cross Foundation’,  Peter Lyttle – Former Ulster Defence Regiment and the Royal Irish Regiment,  Anna Bryson – Co-Director, ‘Peace Process - Layers of Meaning’, Andrea Doran - Director of Programming and Learning, Verbal Arts Centre